Easypill® Cat is a highly palatable paste bar adapted to the taste of most cats. 

It provides an easier way to give pills to your cat. With Easypill® cat, no more tablets spat 


The highly palatable specific formulation of Easypill® Cat encourages a spontaneous 

intake by the animal. 


Chicken meal, glycerin, water, monopropylene 

glycol(*), glucose syrup, rice starch, appetite enhancer, 


(*) Monopropylene glycol may be replaced by sorbitol 

in accordance with the regulation in your country 


 Soy lecithin (58 000mg), preservative and antioxygen 

In accordance with EU regulation n° 767/2009 

Typical analysis: 

Raw proteins: 28.2%. Raw fats: 12.2%. Raw fibre: 0.9%. Raw ashes: 13.9%. Moisture: 


How to use: 

Oral use. 

Cut up a fraction of the bar suited to the size of the pill and to the cat’s mouth. 

Totally hide the pill in the bar by making a ball. 

Put the ball in the cat’s dish before meal time. To get the confidence of the cat, first of all 

give an empty ball, without any pill. Be sure that your hands don’t carry any untasty 



24 months from manufacture date 

Store in a cool and dry place 


Boxes of 300g (30 bars of 10g), Bags of 40g (4 bars x 10g) 


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